LOGICO | Why learning games?

The origin of playing and games is surely found in children's natural curiosiry and their wish to comprehend the environment. Playing in this context is aimed to interaction, experimenting, acting, testing and training which results in learning.

In playing, children learn in a natural way.

Some good reasons for learning games

  • Playing needs utmost concentration. Research has proved that the ability to memorize grows with the level of concentration.
  • Playing is fun and is usually done in a relaxed and emotionally positiv atmosphere. Facts learnt in this context are retained and memorized in the long-term memory of the human brain.
  • And situations of playing and games are kind of 'unreal'. The children feel free of consequences and sanctions - ideal for the learning process.
  • Learning games avoid repression of learning between the children, because they learn through play with the classmates. In this way learn interaction, communication and other essential social skills.

Learning with LOGICO is fun!