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What teachers in Germany say about 

The LOGICO method is great for children because it’s fun. It’s great for the teacher because the children cannot cheat. This is the crucial point for a material used in free learning activities: It needs self-checking. LOGICO meets this demand perfectly.

The cards and the LOGICO plastic frame are highly motivating for children. LOGICO provides an excellent combination of the cognitive and manual aspects of learning.

The tasks of the titles are varied and not at all boring or repetitive. Especially the number of tasks is suitable for the level of the age group.

The children of my 2nd grade are enthusiastic about the LOGICO programme and keep asking for new cards.



Statements from other countries

We are using LOGICO for beginners. The result of this kit is amazing. We would like to appreciate your hard work in making such friendly learning tools. Hope rest of world will be enlightened and enjoy learning.
Primary school, India

The questions are designed to let students have an easy start, and then move on to more difficult ones. They are intended to inspire their thoughts, helping them to develop abilities in oberservation, comparing, analyzing and reasoning, which are important to their future study.
The combined use of LOGICO cards and the learning board requires children to use their eyes,
hands and minds at the same time.
Teacher, Hong Kong

The content of LOGICO covers a wide range of subjects which are systematically structured. The children learn from the learning cards and check the correct answers all by themselves, enjoying a sense of success. This could help children to increase their passion for learning and strengthen their determination to tackle new challenges.
Childhood Education Expert, China




LOGICO ENGLISH program for children in Korea

LOGICO ENGLISH is a brand new brain and language education program based on a variety of topics and contents which will allow children to progress through self-directed learning. Also, the ‘talking pen’, that is a part of the LOGICO ENGLISH program which we call LOGI-PEN, will also boost the interest in the LOGICO ENGLISH learning program.  I strongly recommend this program to those of you who are interested in early childhood education and I believe that, soon, LOGICO ENGLISH will create a new trend in Korea and worldwide. I wish a tremendous success in LOGICO ENGLISH.
Professor Dong-Bin Jeong, Ph.D. ( Chung-Ang University, President of the English Linguistic Science Association of Korea, and the Childhood English Education Society of Korea)

Congratulations on LOGICO ENGLISH contents development!
It is a very suitable program for global talent education which considers the difference in the learner’s age and level. Especially it truly regards all learners to learn natural English in the EFL environment. Creative education through play! Brain development education through creative education!
LOGICO ENGLISH is an easily reachable integrated education for brain development.  It very easily can hold children’s concentration, intelligence, and creativity as well.
To establish a new paradigm of English learning system in Korea, I wish to develop LOGICO English.
Dr. Gyeong-Ok Gang (Ubiquitous Early Childhood English Education, Chung-Ang University, Education program developer)